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Pebble Time smartwatch facing delays for EU backers

Pebble Time may be the most successful Kickstarter project with almost $20 million of pledges, but it seems backers will have to wait longer than they thought for their smartwatches, as deliveries have reportedly been delayed.

The Pebble Time watch had an estimated shipping date of May 2015, however, in Pebble’s update message to its backers, the smartwatch-maker said that people outside of the US will need to pay an extra shipping cost to have a guaranteed delivery within three to five days, or face a long wait

The amount of the shipping fee, which will vary between countries, was not revealed but the company did say that the fee can be paid through credit cards on its pledge management portal.

Backers who are not willing to shed out extra cash are expected to wait around four to six weeks. However, if backers do not pay, they may still be bound to additional expenses due from tax and VAT payments.

Pebble explained that shipments will be coming from the company’s Hong Kong facility and will be delivered via Singapore Post, hence the reason for the delay. These troubles have caused some backers to cancel orders, citing a lack of transparency from the smartwatch maker.

Nonetheless, Pebble Time will still be up on Kickstarter for another couple of days for people who are still interested in backing the project.