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Could the Samsung Galaxy S7 be your flexible friend?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 (yes, it’s about time we started talking about that – after all, the S6 is on pre-order now, so practically obsolete) may be a very different kind of handset, according to the latest from the mobile grapevine.

Certainly the Galaxy S6 (pictured) has made some big changes to the formula, which have been very welcome, but word is – according to Business Korea (via BGR) – that both Samsung and LG are working on highly flexible displays which can be folded.

Yes, we’ve heard about the flexible phone you can stuff into the smallest pocket before, but apparently there is a chance that Samsung could bring the tech to next year’s phones, namely the Galaxy S7 as mentioned, and of course the Note 6.

A bigwig at Samsung Display apparently told Business Korea that “the industry believes that the commercialisation of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016”.

It still seems rather difficult to believe that the next Galaxy S flagship could be that radically different, though. We’d be shaking less salt over this rumour if it was claiming this would be the case for the 2017 version of the device – time will tell, as ever.

Certainly it seems that Samsung wants to travel this path, and LG of course already has its G Flex series of phones (they’re not flexible, but they are curved – fairly pointlessly in the view of most, us included).

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 goes on sale April 10, starting at £600 for the base S6 and £760 for the S6 Edge.

Darren Allan

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