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The Tinder of the job world is heading to London

The “Tinder of the job world” is heading to London this month, after a 16 week trial of the city. has become one of the go to places for technical jobs, allowing a simple way to get in touch with as many companies as possible.

From the short time testing the waters in London, Hired claims the tech market is booming. It made £10 million throughout the test, with candidates getting high salary positions on some big UK tech companies like Lyst, Geckoboard, WorldRemit and Qubit.

“London has always had a good ecosystem for startups, but the recent rise in technology companies choosing to locate there indicates an unprecedented demand for qualified tech industry candidates, who are more in control of their careers than ever before,” said Matt Mickiewicz, founder and CEO of Hired. “Candidates on Hired get upfront information about all of their job options – including salary, culture, and job requirements. This information helps people make great choices about their long-term career goals.”

Hired will start working to make London a major city on its service, along with New York and San Francisco. The tech market is not available everywhere in the US, and it is likely to only be available in London for the next few months.

London’s technology startup scene is growing rapidly, with less startups failing to succeed and more money being funnelled in by the government and investors.

Developers are a high value commodity in the UK and US. Companies are willing to pay a starting wage of £55,000 annual, with room for an extra £30,000 on top. Positions like iOS and Java developer seem to be the most lucrative for engineers.

David has been a technology journalist for over six years, covering a wide range of sectors. He currently researches apps, app sectors and app markets for Business of Apps, and has written for ITProPortal, RTInsights, ReadWrite, and Digital Trends.