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Apple Watch Edition: potential buyers will get special treatment

If you want to buy one of the fancy Apple Watch gold models (the Edition version), then you’ll be given special treatment, and more time to play with your would-be toy than those who aren’t willing to splash out £8,000 or more (up to £13,500) on a smartwatch.

But really, that isn’t too surprising – it makes sense for Apple to try and persuade those willing to fork out to that tune, convincing them that the investment is really worth making. And according to a report in the IBT, several Apple Store staff in New York said that those trying out the Watch Edition will get a 30 minute trial appointment, as opposed to the normal 15 minute slot.

To be honest, we’re surprised it isn’t longer than 30 minutes, if anything – if it was our company, we wouldn’t see the harm in hour-long appointments for someone who is going to be outlaying ten grand or so on a device (that said, they probably have to take into account time wasters – those who want to try the Edition smartwatch on and have a play, or just annoy store staff even, with no real intention of actually purchasing).

The latest rumours regarding Apple’s smartwatch also claim there will likely be stock shortages at launch – though we doubt that will affect the expensive gold version (unless only a tiny amount of them have been shipped).