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Despite its success, there's one area where Apple is failing

Guess what? Apple is not a 100 per cent successful company.

It's kind of hard to accept that as a fact, right? That’s because Apple is an extremely successful company. It’s breaking all kinds of records with the new iPhone 6, Mac sales are going up, shares are skyrocketing, everyone’s happy. Well, except maybe Samsung, but that’s a different story.

The company is more than twice as rich as the second best, Exxon Mobil, and everyone’s getting really hyped up about the upcoming Apple Watch, a smartwatch which has already shaken the very foundations of the watch industry.

So what kind of a fool am I, saying that Apple is not a 100 per cent successful company?

If we look at the sales of all Apple products, there’s one device which doesn’t pass the monthly report with flying colours – the iPad.

iPad sales have been contracting every quarter, and nobody seems to know why.

Some say tablets in general have reached their peak – everyone who wanted to buy one already has one which is working just fine – and the new ones offer very little in terms of improvement to be worth the money.

Others say that people don’t want a tablet if they can have a phablet – basically an oversized phone which can do everything a tablet can, and can also make calls and occasionally make you look silly if it covers most of your head while talking.

But hey – phablets can protect your head from air drafts, and that’s something, right?

Business Insider thinks Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha has a point when he says that large smartphones are killing the iPad.

He even has a chart to prove his point:

screen shot 2015-03-26 at 8.57.41 am

Some might say that these two devices are not related in that way and that blaming phablets for iPad's poor results would be similar to blaming the English cricket team for the Three Lions' poor performance.

In any case, iPads seem to be Apple's only dissapointment.