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Samsung working with team that built Siri on iris scanning technology

Samsung is working with the team in charge of building Siri, the Stanford Research Institute, on new iris-scanning technology to be added on smartphones and tablets.

It was reported last year that Samsung was interested in iris-scanning technology, but the reports did not mention SRI’s involvement. The team has a biometric division focused on building the safest and most secure scanning in the world.

SRI claims the iris-scanning technology is 1,000 times more accurate than fingerprint scanning technologies. The use of eye-scanning has been limited, but SRI believes this could be the next biometric breakthrough.

Samsung will be testing the iris-scanner on a customised version of the Galaxy Tab 8.4 for business-to-business customers. It is not clear if the company will bring it to consumer devices, considering it already has a fingerprint sensor on the home button for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The custom version of the Galaxy Tab 8.4 will be unveiled at ISC West 2015, the largest security trade show, which will start on April 15 and run for two days.

Iris-scanning technology has not been readily available on smartphones, tablets or laptops due to the complex nature of the eye. High quality cameras have been needed and the ones on smartphones simply aren’t accurate enough to procure quality results.

SRI seems to have solved some of the issues others are having. It will provide the iris-scanning through an exclusive contract to Samsung.

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