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Sony PS4 'Yukimura' update rolls out 26 March

The Sony PS4 is seemingly doing well in its head-to-head battle with Microsoft's Xbox One. But that doesn't mean the company can just rest - snooze and you could fall behind to a competitor that is updating often and at a quick pace. Sony isn't sleeping though, today announcing an update that will be coming to your box very soon.

The update is codenamed "Yukimura" (yes, I had to look it up as well and it's still vague -- we'll go with the Samurai by that name since it sounds cool). Name aside, what's important is features, and Sony promises a number of them.

Suspend and Resume allows the user to hop in and out of games with one button push, backup and restore of all user data to a USB drive, a host of new social options including a Facebook friend finder, and more control over how users can display the trophies they've earned. There are a host of other features also included in this major roll out. Customers can even make these updates automatic in the future.

Sony plans to begin this upgrade tomorrow (March 26th), though how quickly things will trickle out to everyone is a complete guess.

"We’re excited for you to get your hands on these new features and experience them for yourselves. You have all been such a big part of our successes, and we have carefully listened to your requests to make your PlayStation experiences even better. We’re happy to be delivering many of them with 'Yukimura'. Please keep the feedback flowing, so we can continue making PlayStation 4 the best place to play", Sony concludes.