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Tim Cook wants to share the limelight with other Apple execs

Some four years after taking over as CEO at Apple, Tim Cook has said that he is keen to share the limelight with his fellow executives at the giant tech company, by giving them a shot to speak at public events.

Like his predecessor Steve Jobs, Cook has become the face that has represented Apple in every event since he took the CEO spot. However, this is soon to change as Cook expressed his objective to ”raise the public profile” of the other executives at Apple.

A seeming start to this goal has been a recent profile story on the company’s lead designer Jonathan Ive that specifically tackles his life at Apple and how he has pioneered the design of Apple's hardware and software products.

Recalling the scrutiny that comes along with being the CEO of the most-valued company today, Cook said, “I have thick skin … but it got thicker.” “[Jobs] really took any kind of spears that were thrown. He took the praise as well. But to be honest, the intensity was more than I would ever have expected,”

Speaking about his plan, he said: "My objective is to raise the public profile of several of the folks on the executive team, and others as well. Because I think that’s good for Apple at the end of the day."

If everything goes to plan, the possibility of making other executives go public may follow suit. Apple executives such as retail head Angela Ahrendts and software head Eddy Cue, are some of the expected individuals to potentially be offered a share of the limelight.