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Volvo launches dedicated Co-Pilot website to protect SMEs on the road

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1 in 3 company car drivers will be involved in an accident this year and those mishaps will have a major financial impact on the businesses involved – particularly when you add up the cost of multiple incidents.

While it’s impossible to eliminate those risks, there’s plenty that can be done to mitigate them.

This is where Volvo comes in, with its scheme offering small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) a safety and risk management program to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

Named Co-Pilot, the goal is to offer information and services to organisations looking to create a safety program for company car drivers. The scheme was actually launched last summer, but is now being rolled out online in the form of a dedicated website providing advice, support and discounts.

Co-Pilot scheme will be available to any organisation buying one of Volvo's new models, offering tailored fleet support packages for up to 20 employees, greatly relieving the pressure on fleet decision makers.

“In many companies of this size, fleet management is rolled into another job, which means the person responsible has a lot of demands on their time." Volvo Cars’ head of business sales, Selwyn Cooper said. "Thanks to Co-Pilot, our business customers can have confidence that they are sticking to the letter of the law, and helping to keep their drivers out of harm’s way.”

Volvo has partnered with a number of organisations, including Fleet 21 - a fleet compliance specialist - to provide information on safety and security.

Drivers will be given a personalised handbook, complete with information on key areas such as braking distances, mobile phone use and company policies. Ensuring drivers possess this knowledge means the likelihood of an accident – and therefore a cost to the company – is greatly reduced.

For an example of the savings that Volvo could make for your business, we only need look to chauffeur company, Tristar Worldwide, which has benefited from Volvo’s City Safety technology that acts as an extra pair of eyes when it comes to driving in heavy traffic.

Tristar’s overall repair costs (and other charges associated with accidents such as temporarily hiring replacement cars) dropped to 41 per cent of what they were in comparison to the average cost seen in the four years previous to adopting Volvo’s system.

Of course, that also helps save on the car insurance front, too.

“Co-Pilot is a major initiative for Volvo,” added Cooper. “We’re the only manufacturer in the UK to offer such a programme, and I believe it really sets us apart from the competition."

The Co-Pilot scheme will be visible on various social media sites to support the website launch, so search for Co-Pilot Business on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay on top of all the news as it unfolds.

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