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China the source of almost half of all online attacks

Cloud services provider Akamai published its latest report on the state of the Internet, and according to them China was a bad, bad boy. Or a girl.

In the report called State of the Internet Q4 2014 (PDF), it says that China was the source of 41 per cent of traffic attacks, while the USA was a distant second with 13 per cent.

“China once again remained the top attack source, though its percentage declined to 41 per cent in the fourth quarter from 49 per cent in the previous quarter. Second place United States also saw a decline to 13 per cent of total observed attack traffic,” it says in the report.

Telnet Port 23 was the biggest victim, with more than 2.5 times the attacks it suffered earlier.

“This may indicate a growth in attacks relying on brute-force login attempts or those that exploit default usernames and passwords to gain access to vulnerable systems. These attacks can be perpetrated by bots that scan for systems with Port 23 open then try to login when finding such a port.”

During the fourth quarter, Akamai customers reported being targeted by 327 DDoS attacks, or 57 more than in the third quarter. Slightly more than half of the attacks were reported by customers in the Americas region, while nearly twice as many were reported by customers in the Asia Pacific region than those in EMEA.

With the exception of the Enterprise segment, all industries saw increases in the number of attacks as compared with the third quarter, with Public Sector targets seeing the greatest growth.