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Chinese startup Coros launches smartwatch to take on Pebble

Chinese-funded wearable-maker, Coros, has taken to Kickstarter to launch its flagship smartwatch, which it claims to be better that its current rivals.

Coros Live's funding page reveals an e-paper smartwatch with a six-week battery life, outpacing Apple Watch and Google Wear, with only one to three days battery life, and Pebble Steel, with 10 days maximum battery life.

Priced at $59 (£39), the e-paper smartwatch is a good catch despite not being quite on par with its rivals in terms of style. For one thing, the smartwatch resembles the style of the original Pebble watch, which was launched three years ago.

Its long battery life is attributable to its 1.26-inch Memory LCD display and Coros Live is also water resistant and could survive after being fully submerged in water.

The wearable can support Android (version 4.4 minimum) and iOS (version 7.1 minimum), and users can manage music and camera controls through the wearable. However, unlike Pebble there is no app store Pebble.

The device will provide notifications for call and text alerts, as well as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook support.

Coros Live also has fitness and sleep tracking capabilities.

The funding started in Mid-March and has sold out its early bird specials, which were priced at $49 (£32). But while the funding period is stated to end in April, Kickstarter has apparently suspended the funding.

The startup said in the page that the wearable's R&D is partly finished. It has currently gained over 130 backers, with more than $7,600 (£5,100) in total funding and is looking to collect $20,000 (£13,400). To date, there is no word as to when the funding's suspension will be lifted.