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More rumblings about potential Apple Watch stock shortages

There have been more whispers about the Apple Watch, and whether folks might struggle to get hold of one come launch day in the UK and US (and the other territories which are getting the device on April 24).

Indeed, a source has now informed 9to5 Mac that if you want a specific model of the Apple Watch (in other words, you want to choose the exact flavour of watch and strap you desire), then you’re possibly safest to pre-order it online, or make a reservation at the Apple Store.

If you turn up and join the queues at the store for launch day, you might find that Apple Watches are available to buy when you get in the shop – but there’s far from any guarantee you’ll be able to get the exact variant you desire. This isn’t like iPhones where there’s simply a choice of just a few different colours…

The source said that in the States, stock of the smartwatch will be “heavily constrained”, indeed one employee at a flagship store commented, “we’re told to treat launch day as if there will be no walk-in stock” (further noting that this doesn’t mean there will actually be zip in terms of stock – just that specific variants will be hard to find, as mentioned).

If the US is going to struggle in terms of stock, then that doesn’t bode particularly well for the UK, which generally has more trouble with initial inventory issues, naturally.

This is the second report we’ve heard this week about this potential problem, but plenty of folks will be raising an eyebrow (or two) and suggesting that this is a typical Apple strategy to stoke pre-launch hype and ensure there is a clamour for pre-orders, which Cupertino can then put a press release out on the subject of...