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Wearable startup Olio working on high-end smartwatch

The Apple Watch is coming on 10 April, but it is not the only smartwatch making noise. A new wearable startup Olio announced the Model One earlier this week, featuring a premium design with glints of the Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane.

Unlike the two aforementioned smartwatches, the Olio Model One does not run on Android Wear. In fact, it features hardware and software built from the ground up by a team of experts from all sides of the smartwatch market.

With executives coming from positions at Apple, Amazon, Google, Pixar, Movado and HP, it is clear this is more than a student garage project. Olio is looking to make a real step in the smartwatch market, and the $595 (£399) smartwatch is the first step.

The smartwatch will feature a circular display and metallic unibody with a classical watch design. It will be available in silver, or in black for $745 (£499).

Perhaps the most impressive feature is it will connect to iOS 8+ and Android devices, something neither Android Wear or the Apple Watch can accomplish. Olio will develop its own platform to support the wearable, offering contextual updates like turning notifications off while at a meeting.

The battery will also last two days according to Olio, although there is no verifiable tests to check at the moment.

Olio will be taking orders this summer, a few months after the buzz of the Apple Watch dies down. Pebble has made a name for itself even with the small team, perhaps Olio can do one better and become a competitor against the Apple Watch.