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WhatsApp has no plans for an official API

Whatsapp co-founder has Brian Acton has confirmed there will be no public API for third-party developers to work on top of the messaging service.

The news comes on the same week Facebook launched Messenger Platform, allowing developers to build apps over-the-top of Messenger.

“I am very empathetic to your cause,” Acton, speaking at the F8 Developer Conference, said. I receive emails on a regular basis from people who want to run their business or want to run something using WhatsApp as the backbone for communication, but we’re balancing that with the user experience.”

Acton also claimed security issues were a potential threat to WhatsApp. Considering it has 700 million active monthly users, having these third-party apps potentially ruin the reputation of WhatsApp would be a poor move.

There is another reason Acton may not have wanted to say, considering Facebook is parent company, if it opens the API there is nothing to differentiate Messenger from WhatsApp. By keeping WhatsApp closed, it is a direct communication service, while Messenger can flourish to be much more than simple communication.

It might seem like Facebook is trying to remove WhatsApp, but some people only want a communication app without all of the fun little extras Messenger it offering. WhatsApp already makes a killing from offering the bare-bones of messaging, while Facebook wants Messenger to encompass every type of communication.

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