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Sony cuts price of PlayStation TV massively in UK

Sony has cut the price of its PlayStation TV box in the UK – it would seem the cheaper offering isn’t doing nearly as well as its big brother, the PlayStation 4 (which has now sold over 20 million units globally, and is considerably ahead of the Xbox One).

The PlayStation TV emerged last autumn, and is a very compact box that hooks up to your TV and lets you stream video (TV shows and movies from the PlayStation Store), and also gives you access to a range of games drawn from the PS Vita and PSP, along with original PlayStation classics.

The hardware also allows you to stream your PS4 games to another HDTV in your house aside from your main living room set, so you can carry on your session elsewhere if someone wants to watch their favourite program on the main set.

Certainly when it comes to the media side of the equation, a lack of key apps like Netflix hasn’t helped the PlayStation TV’s cause, and as Engadget spotted, Sony has now cut the device from £85 to £45 – practically in half – to help stoke sales.

Really, though, despite the name this isn’t about the video streaming – it’s more about the PS4 streaming capability, and the Vita/PSP/PSone games. And at £45, the device could well be a lot more tempting for those who can’t always play their PS4 in the living room and don’t want to have to cart the console off to another room and hook it up to another TV.