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Apple Watch compatible apps already being cranked out

Apps updated to take advantage of the Apple Watch are already starting to hit Apple’s App Store, even though the smartwatch doesn’t launch until later next month.

9to5 Mac spotted the fact that Apple is already allowing some third-party developers to bring their Apple Watch compatible wares into the store – but at this stage, it’s only pretty major players who are doing so.

These are the apps which will be available from the get-go for the smartwatch, and obviously the ones which work well, as Apple will want to promote an air of slickness about the software on launch day – they’ll require apps to be streamlined and functioning well. Any bugs in Apple’s own software, or third-party efforts, will reflect badly on the device.

Apps which have got the early doors treatment (that will allow reviewers to access them pre-launch – another reason why these offerings will have to run like clockwork) include Twitter, Evernote, CNN, New York Times, WeChat, Sky Guide, British Airways and a number of others. There’s nothing to stop you from grabbing these refreshed apps now for your iPhone, but obviously none of the related Apple Watch functionality will work until you, well, have an Apple Watch on your wrist.

On its website, Apple writes about the Twitter app for its smartwatch: “140 characters fit nicely on your wrist. With the Twitter app for Apple Watch, your feed comes directly to you. You can be notified with a gentle tap when new tweets are posted, and retweet or favourite them from your Apple Watch. Quickly view tweets from your timeline or track trending topics. And you can compose tweets using dictation.”

Similarly for Evernote you’ll be able to dictate a quick note, view recent notes right there on your wrist, set reminders and access a number of features with a greater degree of convenience. Sky Guide will notify you directly when an event is about to happen in the night sky above you, and can let you know when the ISS is flying over – as well as giving you the chance to directly tweet an astronaut on the space station. (“Hey buddy – can you see the glint of my gold Apple Watch from space?”).

When the device launches, though, there are already worries being aired that folks might find stock shortages are an issue. We shall just have to see if this is the case, but several rumours have pointed that way earlier this week...

Darren Allan

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