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Why can’t Hillary Clinton do BYOD?

Graphite Software (opens in new tab) CEO Alec Main explains why Hillary Clinton should be able to use her own phone if she makes it to the White House:

Hillary Clinton’s announcement earlier in the month that she conducted state business on one single personal email account because it’s “easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails,” was met with gasps by many in the technology community.

While I question her decision, I do admire her boldness and agree that it is unnecessary for people to wander round with multiple mobile phones.

Clinton is tipped to win the Democrat nomination next year, and if she becomes POTUS I cannot see a clear reason why she should not be allowed to do BYODTTWH (bring your own device to the White House). Recent advances in security software allows smartphone users to keep files, communication and sensitive data private and clearly separate.

The US Government won’t want its President sending classified data via Gmail, but email accounts can now be kept separate and even put behind different levels of security all on one device.

Blackphone, for example, has created an entire phone designed to solve this exact issue. Powered by Graphite Software’s Secure Spaces, privacy and security are the key selling points of this smartphone.

What Hillary needed was a means to separate her phone into secure areas. Many US Congressmen have openly stated that they have three smartphones: one for government business, one for their party campaigning and another for personal. All totally unnecessary.

Hillary can have one phone for all of those purposes, just with separate and Secure Spaces. She could even have a fourth Space if she wants a special kids section for the latest addition to the Clinton troupe, granddaughter Charlotte, without needing to worry that Charlotte will be able to change her device settings or view any other information on her device.

Separate Spaces within one smartphone can each have their own security level and be managed, controlled and wiped from the outside; so Mrs Clinton need not worry if she leaves her phone behind. Her staff could wipe off the super secret government emails before the device gets into the wrong hands (which seems much more likely if she has to keep track of more than one smartphone).

With mobile device manufacturers, this is becoming a defacto requirement. People want to be able to put different aspects of their life into separate secure and even hidden Spaces.

Yes, there is demand for a ‘Hidden Space’ - that enables a phone within a phone that is accessed through everyday or obscure applications such as the calculator.

So Hillary, here’s what you need to do:

  • Buy a smartphone that includes Secure Spaces

  • Divide up your accounts and e-mail into their own Spaces and get help from your team to make sure your work area is encrypted and secure

Alternately download your secure Government Space to your phone so that it can be managed by the White House IT Administrators, or whomever does that stuff for you.

Forcing politicians, businessmen and people in high power positions to bust their pockets and bags with the weight of multiple mobile devices is simply archaic in 2015. There is an easier way, and its one device separated into secure and appropriate spaces.