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Forum site GitHub falls victim to major DDoS attack

GitHub, the forum for software programmers, has been the victim of a major cyber-attack believed to have originated from China.

The DDoS fire (distributed denial of service) took the site down for some time, on and off, and according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, it was aimed at two GitHub pages that linked to clones of websites which are banned in China.

The attack consisted of redirected non-Chinese traffic from search engine Baidu, apparently, and is alleged to be the work of those trying to take out anti-censorship tools. One of the pages targeted was run by, which monitors blocked sites and keywords in China, and helps citizens get round government censorship.

The attacks hit GitHub for a period of over three days, from Friday and over the weekend, though the service noted that its “mitigation is deflecting most attack traffic” in a tweet late on yesterday.

GitHub then tweeted, at 1:30 this morning, that it was working at full strength: “All systems reporting at 100%. Attack traffic continues, so we remain on high alert.”

However, it seems that the DDoS fire is still continuing even now, and has “evolved” – less than an hour ago, the service tweeted: “The DDoS attack has evolved and we are working to mitigate”.

One user replied “You'd think this would be getting old for the attacker”, and another bemoaned the slow loading of a page, so clearly there are still issues, unfortunately for GitHub denizens.

Image source: Shutterstock/alexskopje