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Jay Z relaunches Tidal at official Press Conference [Video]

Jay Z’s recently acquired streaming service Tidal is getting ready for a scheduled relaunch.

In preparation, Tidal has kicked off a new Twitter campaign #TidalForAll, with several popular artists changing their profile and background image to a sort-of turquoise colour.

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Beyonce, Kanye West, Madonna, Chris Martin, Nicki Minaj, Jack White, Rihanna and Deadmau5 have joined the campaign, showing the star clout Jay Z has managed to rangle within a few months.

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Tidal will not feature a freemium service like Spotify. There is some speculation that star talent will remove songs from Spotify following the launch of Tidal, with backup from Beats Music’s relaunch in June.

Even though revenue might be down for a few months, the music industry has routinely showed it does not care much for Spotify. Taylor Swift recently pulled all songs from the service, claiming it does not pay out enough to artists.

Other music labels like Universal Music Group and Ministry of Sound both claim the free model should be removed, or Spotify will see a limited selection of songs in the near future.

Tidal does have less than 20,000 subscribers today, but if several artists move away from Spotify that could quickly change. Spotify has 15 million subscribers, but over 45 million users that still pay nothing for the service.

The major issue with Spotify’s free service is the ads are low-cost, compared to YouTube’s video ads. Spotify also has a much smaller audience when compared to YouTube, meaning revenues are not that impressive for any artist or music label.

Spotify and Rdio have both said they will not remove the free model, claiming it is a decisive feature for bringing customers to the paid model. Music labels disagree, claiming the free model offers too many benefits.

Some music labels have said features like a time limit for free listeners per day, or a set amount of plays per day would quickly change how many free users are on Spotify. The music streaming service has shown no signs of adding these features.

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