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Samsung Browser expected to arrive by end of the year

Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch a unified web browser for all of its platforms - mobile, tablet and TV - in an upcoming update.

The web browser, named Samsung Browser, will feature a few new features to separate it from the competition and work on multiple sized devices.

It is capable of recognising the size of the device being used and pre-render the webpage to fit. That means dynamic sites that change shape depending on size will be better suited to the Samsung Browser.

Other features include web video casting, similar to Google Cast; Reader Mode, removing a lot of the clutter; offline webpage saving, for reading when there is no internet and web clipping for S Pen users.

Samsung is focused on video enhancement and has built its own rendering engine for video. It will also not support Adobe Flash for video, meaning plug-ins or HTML5 are the only ways to view video on the Samsung browser. Considering most users will be on mobile, this is not a big deal.

The web browser will render web pages using the WebKit rendering engine, used on Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Samsung will move to Blink rendering engine in the next version, and is at work with Mozilla to build a new rendering engine called Servo.

Samsung Browser will be launched in the next few months and should remove Chrome and Internet Explorer on all platforms, or at least push them off to the side while showing off its own browser.

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