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Spotify is now on PlayStation 3 and 4

PlayStation users can now play their favourite tunes while also playing their favourite games at the same time.

Without the game’s original music interfering with the business, that is.

Earlier this year Sony announced a partnership with Spotify in which the service, dubbed PlayStation Music, would be launched 29 March, Ubergizmo reports.

The service should have downloaded itself automatically on all PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, meaning all users should see the new app in their menu today.

Gamers wanting to use the new app don’t have to register for a PS Plus account, or buy the premium Spotify service. All they need is their console to be connected to the internet, and the free version is theirs for the taking.

It doesn’t however offer the same quality of audio as the Spotify Premium version. It also plays ads between songs, but if you’re not much of an audiophile, it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

The UI of PlayStation Music has also been designed to more visual than textual, compared to Spotify on the desktop, and is aimed at gamers who like having music in the background while chatting with friends or playing games.

While playing games together with PlayStation Music, the game’s original music gets muted, but the sound effects, dialogues and other sounds remain unmuted.

The app also works with Spotify Connect, which means they can use their smartphones to change the music without breaking playtime to do so.

They can also continue playing what they’re playing on their phones on their console.