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techUK CEO comments on government chief data officer appointment

Following the announcement by the Rt Hon Francis Maude MP of the appointment of Mike Bracken as government chief digital officer, and the launch of new transparency principles, Julian David, techUK CEO, commented:

"The appointment of the Chief Data Officer, which delivers against the recommendation in our Manifesto, is vital to providing senior level leadership to drive this important topic. In his new role, Mike Bracken will need to strike a balance between open data and inspiring confidence in the general public in how government uses their data.

"It's important to remember that this also includes the management of commercial business data, which if not managed correctly could impact businesses and jobs.

"We agree with the CBI that greater transparency will better enable the public to judge efficiencies. In our Three Point Plan, we called for greater transparency and coordination of data from government projects, and we welcome the introduction measures that addresses that goal.

"However, government needs to look beyond supplier margins and take a rounded approach in order to become a more skillful customer and improve industry and public sector performance, in order to secure greater efficiencies for citizens.

"Government needs to work in partnership with the impacted industries to develop and implement policies that are practical and effective and achieve the public service transformation that is needed."

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