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Whitepaper: A better customer experience - Why CRM alone is insufficient for competitive differentiation

A superior customer experience is the critical competitive differentiator in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. Consistently positive experiences keep customers loyal. And those customers are willing to pay extra for superior service—which means you will maintain healthier margins.

On the other hand, customers will leave you in a heartbeat if you don’t treat them right—even though they may like your product. And they will probably let their social network know about your bad service. That kind of negative word-of-mouth will cost you future sales and erode your brand value.

Customer relationship management (CRM) applications are essential for delivering quality experiences across all customer facing touch-points. With CRM, you can maintain up-to-date customer records, effectively handle active customer issues, and generate historical data that helps you understand both individual customers and broader market trends. And perhaps more relevant to CRM systems, your Sales Management will benefit from enhanced sales reporting and roll-up reports.

But a CRM application alone is insufficient for ensuring that your company is more rigorously attentive and responsive to your customers than your competitors are. To achieve that kind of competitive differentiation, you need to empower people in your company to act on any and all information that relates to your customers—not just the data sitting in your CRM database.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.