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Whitepaper: Optimise business processes faster with IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud


  • Enable business process management in the cloud with a subscription-based consumption and delivery model without software licenses, hardware and IT administration skills
  • Help increase efficiency with a dedicated BPM cloud environment for more rapid process application development, testing and deployment
  • Manage change in requirements more confidently with improved visibility into process environments and versions
  • Support collaborative process design and analysis with more simplified graphical design tools

Cloud computing and BPM are key to business productivity

With the increasing cost pressures for organisations and the demands for enhanced security and extensive scalability in business projects, leaders at companies are compelled to invest in robust and time-tested technology. For many organisations, initiating new projects is often associated with various challenges, such as capital expenditure for setting up an IT environment including provisioning a server, software, middleware and extensive dependency on IT teams. As a result, new projects are often delayed.

Today, cloud technologies are considerably changing the way people think about the infrastructure and the speed at which they can achieve value for their business. By taking advantage of ready-to- use virtual services and environments, you can significantly expedite new projects. With cloud-based technologies, you can reduce dependency on IT teams that might not be available or as agile to provide support when required. As the demands of customers change and become more challenging, business leaders with their teams must be well equipped with technology and agile business processes to cater to various requirements.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.