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Pics of alleged iPhone 6C shell are leaked

As so often happens in the rumour world, one pops up and another contradictory story then emerges – and that’s the case with the rumoured iPhone 6C which could be due to launch later this year.

Yesterday, we reported that Apple was highly unlikely to produce a budget iPhone 6C with a 4in display, which was one mobile expert’s opinion – but today, shots of such a device have leaked.

The pics, posted by Future Supplier and spotted by 9to5 Mac, show the rear case of the alleged 6C, which, if these shots aren’t fakes, will be a plastic model just like the iPhone 5C – but with some slight design changes.

The shape of the camera flash unit, for example, is not circular but elongated, just as it is on the current iPhone models – which would obviously make sense. There are also more speaker grilles on the bottom of this 6C, but this supposedly incoming model looks thicker than the iPhone 6 – and you’d assume that was something Apple would try and avoid.

While this will be a budget phone – and exactly how budget the iPhone 6C will be is key, as the 5C wasn’t much cheaper than the 5S at launch, and hardly ‘budget’, though it’s cheaper these days with an 8GB model – you’d think Apple would still want to keep the design optimal, even if plastic is the order of the day.

There is the possibility that these could shots of a prototype shell Apple has played with, or as mentioned they could just be (good) fakes capitalising on the current strong rumours about the iPhone 6C (Apple is allegedly producing three iPhones this year – the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and 6C).

Another previous rumour has insisted that Apple will introduce the Touch ID sensor to the iPhone 6C (the 5C didn’t have it), though that perhaps flies against the idea of it being a truly budget device (it will add to the cost of materials). Then again, Apple will want the fingerprint sensor everywhere given the push with Apple Pay…

At any rate, this latest batch of shots doesn’t show the front of the handset, so gives no clue on that score.

Image Credit: Future Supplier

Darren Allan

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