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Virgin Media launches fastest ever SuperHub router

Cable company Virgin Media has launched a new router, the SuperHub 2ac, to provide faster internet speeds to its five million customers.

While being almost identical to its predecessor the SuperHub 2, the new router device adds in support for 1.3Gb Wi-Fi and is considered faster than the other internet service providers in the UK, according to a research by Virgin Media.

The service provider’s claim was verified by tech firm Farncombe in its October-to-November independent testing, where it showed that the SuperHub’s speed has beaten those of BT’s Home Hub, Sky’s Hub 2 and TalkTalk’s Super Router.

The SuperHub's short range average speed resulted to 103.3Mb, which is above BT’s 93.8Mb, Sky’s 84.2Mb and TalkTalk’s 95.5Mb.Virgin Media’s new router also lead in the medium and long range at 752.9Mb.

"Data usage is growing by around 60 per cent each year as customers connect more devices to their home networks than ever before," said Virgin Media director of broadband Joe Lathan.

"Our Super Hub 2ac has been designed to help our customers enjoy every megabit of their Virgin Media connection, giving them the fastest wireless speeds on our unrivalled ultrafast network - even when lots of devices are being used around the home at the same time."