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World Backup Day 2015: Calling all businesses to take the pledge

Data and cloud services can be advantageous to the enterprise – allowing them to make better decisions based on information collected in real-time and analysed using sophisticated tools.

With more efficient data storage techniques comes responsibility. Data is more valuable than ever before to businesses. Therefore, it needs to be properly protected and looked after.

Backups are an essential day-to-day operation for many businesses, but can be seen as an inconvenient use of time, resource and storage capacity. What businesses must consider is that the loss of critical data can lead to financial losses, jeopardise the trust of customers and partners or lead to significant operational issues that slow down business growth.

Therefore, World Backup Day should serve as a landmark for businesses as well as consumers. Business owners and IT personnel need to ensure that their backup policy becomes a well-oiled process.

Furthermore, as well as simply backing up data, businesses need to have the peace of mind that comes from having a fast, reliable disaster recovery solution, so their business can be up and running again within hours in the event of an office fire or serious outage.

Solutions are now available to automatically backup data to the cloud, streamline the process to make efficient use of time and capacity and make disaster recovery a simple, painless process.

By deciding on a more sophisticated, secure and efficient backup policy, businesses can protect the assets that are most dear to them, secure the data that defines their business and reduce the time spent on this process, allowing employees to concentrate on running the business.”

Martin Warren is cloud solutions marketing manager at NetApp