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World Backup Day: Focus on availability rather than security

Today may be World Backup Day, but Doug Hazelman, VP of product strategy at Veeam, thinks we should be talking about data availability rather than focusing on outdated backup and recovery strategy:

“Driving backup awareness amongst consumers is OK, but for businesses (from SMB right through to enterprise) focusing on it alone is no longer enough.

"A backup strategy in isolation is of little value in the modern hyper-connected business environment. We work in an era of Always-On business. There is no tolerance in the modern enterprise for downtime.

"Day in, day out, we see a worrying ‘availability gap’ emerging within organisations – this gap is characterised by issues such as data loss, long recovery times, unreliable data protection, and a lack of visibility into the IT environment leading to unpredicted issues and downtime. The impact of availability is tangible and significant. Veeam’s Data Center Availability Report 2014 found that limited availability costs the average business as much as $10 million (£6.7 million) annually.

"UK businesses have to stop talking about backup and recovery strategy – this is not enough to meet the demands of today’s employees. They demand 24/7 access to applications and corporate data, they want access on multiple devices, and they want it from any location.

"It’s time to put availability and enabling the Always-On enterprise onto the boardroom agenda. The IT department needs to focus on what can be achieved in the Always-On business, and show how can IT deliver revolutionary new business practices."