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Amazon reveals Dash button, and a new way to shop [Video]

Amazon has launched a new way to restock home supplies without having to go to the store or open Called Dash button, it allows the customer to choose the product and continuously restock once it runs out, with one press.

Announced on April Fools Day, most thought this was Amazon’s illusive joke, but it appears to be real. The Dash button is a small WiFi connected device around the same size as the Chromecast, featuring the brand logo and a button for restocking.

When the button is pressed, Amazon will instantly send out one order for the product. Customers have a small window of time to log-in on Amazon to cancel the order. Amazon has a safeguard to make sure hundreds of presses only result in one actual order.

Amazon already has a few brands signed up to offer a Dash button. Customers will be able to attach the button to the fridge or any other object in the house, most likely next to where the product is stored for easy access to ordering.

It is a new way to push past the need to use a smartphone. Even though Dash button may not be the most advanced way to quickly order an item, it might be less hassle than installing a voice recognition service throughout the home.

Amazon Prime customers will be the first to receive the Dash button. It will be programmed to send one item over, meaning the user needs to go onto Amazon and change the requested item, or buy a new Dash button. No price has been stated yet, with Amazon wanting to get as many buttons out as possible.

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