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Carphone Warehouse has been shunned by Apple

UK phone retailer Carphone Warehouse will not have the Apple Watch on its shelves when the device is launched in this country, an executive has revealed.

Carphone Warehouse UK CEO Graham Stapleton said that while he is eager to stock Apple's wearable device, the company has "not been given the opportunity."

Stapleton was not able to provide the exact reason as to why Apple has shunned them from offering the Apple Watch, despite Carphone's continuous offering of iPhone deals.

The executive did say however, that while it was not given the opportunity, Carphone Warehouse will continue to bolster sales of other wearables such as the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear S.

There is still no certainty as to whether Carphone Warehouse will be provided a chance to sell the Apple Watch after the launch date.

However, Apple has reportedly decided to take its Apple Watch to a range of high-end fashion retailers as its sales strategy and confirmed that it plans to sell the device through its own retail stores, as well as in pop-up shops such as at Oxford Street Selfridges.

Apple will open pre-orders for its smartwatch on 10 April, which will be followed by an in-store release two weeks after.

38 Apple Watch variations will be available during its launch.