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How can IT monitoring help to enhance business productivity?

As the UK continues its economic recovery, IT has an increasingly important role to play in driving growth and boosting productivity amongst British businesses.

Investment in technology is set to rise, with Gartner Inc. predicting that global spending on IT will grow 2.4 per cent to $3.8 trillion over the course of 2015.

However, this increase in expenditure may all be for nothing if there are underlying inefficiencies in a company’s existing infrastructure. By using a unified monitoring solution, a tool that helps IT professionals by keeping tabs on the entire IT infrastructure, businesses can begin to detect and fix problems such as bottlenecks that impact on the speed of a computer network.

These issues can potentially cause lasting damage if they are not addressed.

The case for IT investment

IT monitoring software can help guide investment in IT, as well as identify ways to make it more accountable.

By performing an analysis of a network in its current state, an IT monitoring solution can help IT administrators understand which technologies will complement the existing network infrastructure.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the IT team to ensure that any new technologies are seamlessly integrated into the network.

With the help of a unified monitoring tool, they can detect and address any teething problems to ensure that those technologies deliver the productivity gains expected of them in the shortest possible time.

Enhancing productivity

Aside from hardware, office productivity applications such as business process management (BPM) software also need to be considered.

The BPM market is predicted to be worth $10 billion by 2020, and if businesses are to take advantage of applications such as this that can help employees to work more productively, a solid network infrastructure is of paramount importance.

IT monitoring software assures the reliability of the network, verifying that the existing infrastructure is able to accommodate new technologies such as these.

Driving Innovation

Emerging innovations in IT, such as the Internet of Things, provide a huge opportunity for productivity gains in business by delivering advancements in automation, and increasing the speed of communication within organisations.

In manufacturing, this development is being referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. In Germany, for example, Siemens is developing the factory of the future, where all parts can communicate with each other without the need for a human mediator.

The success of these developments, however, largely depends on a robust and well-managed IT network.

Ultimately, unified monitoring will play a crucial role as these new technologies emerge, by ensuring that any problems are pinpointed and addressed before they can negatively impact on network performance.

Helping IT to deliver

As automation and reliance on technology continue to increase, so too does the importance of the network and of good network monitoring.

When done properly it can act as an early-warning system if anything goes wrong, protecting the organisation’s IT investment and ensuring it gets the most out of the latest technological innovations.

Dirk Paessler is CEO of Paessler, an IT monitoring software developer based in Nuremberg, Germany.