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How long does IT have to be down before your business is affected?

Finding the right person to investigate an IT outage can take as long as, or longer than resolving it, due to poor communications management, a new research has shown.

According to new research from Dimensional Research, 45 per cent of IT professionals reported their business is impacted if IT is down just 15 minutes or less, and 17 per cent said disruption occurs the instant an IT outage develops.

However, 60 per cent of respondents said it takes that same 15 minutes or more just to identify the right individual to respond to an issue. Nearly half of the IT professionals surveyed said it takes as long as or longer to identify the person as it does to resolve the problem.

Poor incident communication increases downtime. 87 per cent indicated that guaranteed alert delivery would accelerate issue resolution, and 85 per cent said issue resolution would be accelerated by a response system that initiates steps with a single click on a mobile device.

The report concluded, “Businesses trust IT to keep critical systems running smoothly while securing highly valued data. But, when issues arise business stakeholders overwhelmingly feel that IT isn’t resolving them fast enough. Fast issue remediation will require that the right people be contacted efficiently based on availability and expertise. This may indicate that the communications management alerting systems that have served IT in the past may simply not be able to support IT’s growing role and that a new solution is required.”

The “Business Impact of IT Incident Communications: A Global Survey of IT Professionals” report was commissioned by xMatters, inc., a leader in communication-enabled business processes.

The survey polled over 300 IT professionals from the United States, Europe and Mexico. Participant companies came from a mix of sizes – from large enterprises with over 10,000 employees to medium-sized businesses with 1,000 employees – and from a variety of industries, including technology, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and more.

Sead Fadilpašić

Sead is a freelance journalist with more than 15 years of experience in writing various types of content, from blogs, whitepapers, and reviews to ebooks, and many more, across sites including Al Jazeera Balkans, TechRadar Pro, IT Pro Portal, and CryptoNews.