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OnePlus launches budget tiny DR-1 drone

OnePlus has ruined its own April Fools joke, originally announcing the launch of a miniature drone only to start selling the drone in limited quantities across the US.

Forgetting the fact this breaks the tech April Fools code of not launching the product shown, OnePlus has said this is only for a limited time, although the same could be said for OnePlus’ smartphone.

The drone is half the size of the OnePlus One at 70mm wide. It is called the DR-1 and the Chinese smartphone maker claims it is a “game changer”, although we cannot tell if that is part of the April Fools joke.

Anyone interested in the drone can buy it for $20 (£15) and it lasts for seven to eight minutes in the air, afterwards users will have to recharge it for 20 minutes. Seems like a sore deal, but then again the drone is tiny and cheap compared to most on the market.

Drones are becoming smaller and inexpensive as internet companies start to work on new ways to keep them in the air for longer. That said, most of the top-end drones still cost thousands to own and operate.