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Tintri introduces VMwatch as the first ever storage fashion accessory

Virtualisation and cloud storage firm Tintri has today announced the release of a range of storage-themed watches, with the belief that it’s time organisations rid themselves of LUNs, and used Tintri to watch their individual VMs.

While the announcement follows hot on the heels of watches released by lesser-known technology companies, the Tintri VMwatch is distinguished as a first in the storage industry.

It replaces the LUNwatch offered by all other storage providers, which uses a random combination of numbers and watch hands to vaguely indicate time. And the VMwatch comes with a removable strap, whereas the LUNwatch was exclusively connected to storage devices with handcuffs.

Tintri CTO, Kieran Harty, described the VMwatch as, “the most personal storage accessory ever, since it allows you to get to know your VMs on a deeper level. Tintri allows the end user to take back control of their time.”

The VMwatch delivers on its high fashion promise through three editions:

  • The Basic Edition with diamond-encrusted bezel
  • The Performance Edition with burnt orange bezel
  • The Hello Kittie Edition with all-black bezel

The VMwatch breaks battery life barriers that others thought insurmountable - running for 19 hours. Tintri also announces that starting today, users can download a wide range of applications from the VMwatch App Store. Currently available titles include LUNcraft, Angry Admins and Storage Tetris.

Tintri invites its customers to explore the VMwatch, or to simply watch your VMs and manage your applications with Tintri storage. Oh, and in case you’re using a LUNwatch to tell the date and time, it’s April Fools’ Day.