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Twitter launches targeted adverts on user profiles

Twitter is bringing targeted ads onto user profiles in the next few weeks, after experimenting with the feature for over a month on select users.

It is another move by the microblogging service to offer adverts in more places. Featured adverts have been one of the biggest revenue providers for Twitter, having these adverts in more places might bring Twitter into net profit.

The adverts are targeted, meaning users not logged-in will not see the ads on user profiles. Twitter is also making sure ads do not appear on verified user profiles, potentially hinting at another ad feature coming to celebrities and verified accounts.

User profiles are a major feature on Twitter, with a lot of fans regularly checking celebrity profiles. Twitter is a more active and personal blogging site compared to Facebook and YouTube, where the content is normally created by a team.

This personalisation might allow verified accounts to upload their own adverts onto the network, with Twitter gaining impressions and revenue per view. Instagram offered this service by partnering with Beyonce and Pepsi.