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Uber filed complaints over bans in Germany and Spain

Uber's not going down without a fight. Even though the app-taxi service is facing many controversies and bans all around the world, it’s sticking to what it does best and has decided to fight until the very end.

As Reuters reported on Wednesday, Uber has filed complaints with Brussels against Spain and Germany over their bans on the mobile phone taxi-hailing service, ramping up the U.S. Company’s battle against legal challenges across Europe.

The European Commission confirmed it had received a complaint against a German ban on Uber offering its unlicensed services. A spokesman for the company said it had filed a similar complaint against Spain on Monday.

"We have received two complaints against France and one against Germany," said a spokesman for the European Commission, who did not comment on Spain.

"We don't close the doors to possibilities offered by new technologies, but we do think that things need to happen within a framework which also covers existing legislation," the spokesman said.

Uber has already filed two complaints in France, claiming the country is overprotective towards regular taxi services, at their expense.

The company has faced many controversies. In India, one of its drivers was accused of raping a passenger, prompting many countries to ban the company even before the trial ended.

Drivers also lashed out at Uber, saying they are the company’s employees and are entitled to various benefits, which Uber denies.

And now the company is facing many legal battles.

To date, Uber has been hit by court injunctions in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Sead Fadilpašić

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