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Apple & IBM launch eight new enterprise apps

Apple and IBM have launched eight new enterprise apps through the ‘MobileFirst for iOS’ initiative. The new apps will join 14 other enterprise related apps available exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

The new eight apps focus primarily on healthcare and industrial products, adding to the already sizeable line of industries Apple is offering services. The four new healthcare apps include Hospital RN, Hospital Lead, Hospital Tech, and Home RN.

All four are focused on making nurses lives easier by removing a lot of the paperwork and offering one standard system for all staff at a hospital to follow, instead of getting misinformation from one nurse or doctor.

The four healthcare apps come one month after Apple launched ResearchKit, a new consumer software framework for collecting health information and sending it to medical research facilities. Apple has been working on health for over three years now in secret labs throughout Cupertino.

Apple also launched Rapid Handover, a new service for Industrial Products. It allows the foreperson to document any critical information, alongside allowing industry executives to add tasks for the project lead. It offers a better way to document any issues with the production line, to be quickly solved by the foreperson.

A new addition to Travel and Transportation has been added by Apple, called Ancillary Sale. It allows in-flight sales to go to a whole new level, allowing flight attendants to sell seat upgrades, food and beverages, and other merchandise with a simple transaction on Apple Pay.

The Retail industry has another application, named Order Commit. It allows merchants to look at metrics for sale through IBM’s cloud computing system, alongside arranging the quantity and placement of products.

The last application on the list is for Insurance, called Risk Inspect. It allows insurance workers to check costs for repeat inspections, alongside cloud analytics suggestions for each client.