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Juniper Research: Augmented reality set to increase by 2019

Augmented reality-focused apps, such as the Magic Leap or the Microsoft Hololens, are set to boost consumption according to Juniper Research's Augmented Reality 2015 - 2019 report.

Looking into the specfics of the report, it reveals that the majority of augmented reality apps are forecast to be used on smartphones and tablets. Meaning, use of mobile augmented reality apps will rake in revenues and will increase from just 184 million in 2014 to 1.3 billion by 2019.

Of these augmented reality apps, those focused on games for smartphones are set to take the largest share at around $689 million in 2015, which represents around 425 million downloads.

This also means good news for app developers, which can expect to enjoy increased income. Juniper predicts that such apps will bring in revenues of $4.1 billion for the app developers.

Meanwhile, wearables for augmented reality such as smartglasses, won't be taking the spotlight yet, and are only expected to make $29 million.

Some major hardware, including Microsoft's HoloLens, might not go on sale before 2017. But in terms of wearables, games will also be in demand and are predicted to produce $7.6 million in revenues, according to the research.