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Nationwide wants to save millions with Apptio

Nationwide Building Society has selected Apptio’s solutions to optimise the measurement of the cost, quality, and value of its enterprise IT services, it was unveiled on Thursday.

Nationwide is one of the world’s largest retail financial service providers, and Apptio is the leading provider of Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications.

Nationwide plans on saving between $9 and 12 million (£6-8 million) of its IT costs in the first year of implementing Apptio’s Cost Transparency app.They will be able to reduce costs in areas such as software licensing ATM performance and outsourced vendor contracts, it says in the press release.

Apptio’s powerful TBM SaaS applications will also be used to give Nationwide’s partners insights on IT spend, to optimise their multi-channel service and drive better decisions.

Debra Bailey, Chief Information Officer, said: “We needed a method to bring clarity and transparency to the way we counted the cost of IT, and to be able to connect it to things like property costs more easily. The advantage TBM gives is that we can take a view of both the IT and Finance costs from multiple angles.”

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world with 17,000 employees, around 700 branches around the UK and about 15 million members who use its financial services.

“Financial institutions like Nationwide need greater visibility over their IT costs so they can deliver insights that support optimisation and growth and, ultimately, to run IT as a business”, Colin Rowland, VP of EMEA at Apptio, concluded.

Nationwide’s TBM journey is detailed in two new case studies, available today from Forrester Research and Apptio.

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