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Sony tells PS4 customer he has to pick up hacker's bill

Sony is not known for its high security standards, but that didn't stop the company from laying all the blame for a hack on an abused customer.

A Sony PlayStation 4 customer Ben Smyth got his account hacked back in February and his credit card was fraudulently charged £49.99.

He managed to get his credit card provider to block the payment going out, but that didn’t stop Sony from seeing it as debt.

Two months later, Sony froze his PlayStation 4 account because of the £49.99, which it said was his responsibility to settle.

The company acknowledges that Smyth was hacked and his card fraudulently charged, but doesn’t seem to care.

Until the money is repaid, all of his purchased content is unusable – including his games, as they require online access. He is currently unable to use more than £1,000-worth of purchased software and hardware, The Register reports.

He said: "I was advised on the telephone by Sony support that all use, including fraudulent activities committed by an unknown third party, is my responsibility. He advised me that Sony takes no responsibility for fraudulent use of my credit card details and security rests solely with me.”

He has reported the company's activity to Trading Standards, adding that they failed to provide him with proper protection.

"Given that there is no other protection, such as two factor authentication, they don't give you many tools for protection," he said.

Sony, being a hacking victim a couple of times itself, is yet to make an official comment on the matter.

Sead Fadilpašić

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