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How to watch tonight's political debate

The first political debate featuring all seven UK parties will be aired on the BBC News Channel and streamed on the BBC online election page between 20:00 and 22:00. It is the first and last time all seven political leaders will be involved in a live political debate, due to Conservative leader David Cameron not finding the debates productive.

It follows several political debates between David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband, the two favorites to win the election. The Lib Dems have been pushed off to the side following poor early votes, putting them in the same boat as UKIP and The Green Party when it comes to relevance.

The key points of this debate will focus on immigration, spending, welfare, taxes and the environment. The Scottish National Party (SNP) and Welsh party Plaid Cymru will both participate in the debate, but no Northern Ireland representation will be present.

Some state this is the first General Election where two parties are not dominant, but figures have Labour and the Conservatives tied neck and neck at 34 per cent of the vote, with UKIP in third with 14 per cent. In the past few months The Green Party has received major backing, but after criticism over some of its rather questionable enactments it fell to 5 per cent.

The Chancellor’s Budget 2015 seemed to spark some love for the Conservatives, who until that point were trailing Labour by 2 to 3 per cent throughout 2014. Several commenters have said while the Conservatives have shown progress in the first five years of office, they should offer more as the economy starts to stabilise.

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Source: [BBC]