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How to rule Snapchat: 4 handy tips and tricks

Between Snapchat’s launch in 2011 and today, the time-sensitive, photo-sharing app has grown in popularity exponentially and was recently valued at $10 million after receiving extra funding.

During this time, a number of new features have been introduced but, apart from the most popular features, there are a whole lot of other functions secretly sitting there waiting to be uncovered.

Here are some handy hacks that will help you fully-utilise and rule the world of Snapchat:

The power of the profile

The profile section of the app has some cool features you may not be aware of.

To get to your profile, tap the small ghost icon at the top of the screen when in camera mode and you'll be able to see your Snapchat score, which is the total number of snaps you've sent and received.

You can also use this page to add friends and for friends to add you. The larger ghost icon shown is actually a QR code, which will enable you to add a friend by pointing your phone at their display and tapping your screen.

Have a second look at a Snap

In an update in December 2013, Snapchat began to allow users to replay one snap per day.

To do this, simply enable the ‘replay’ function under the Manage menu. However, Snapchat still limits a user to only replay the last snap sent to you. You would also not know if one of your Snapchat friends has replayed your snaps.

Missing the colours black and white?

The colors white and black are not visible on the palette for Snapchat users on iOS. To get the white crayon, tap the color palette and scroll up towards the top left corner of the screen.

To get the black crayon, also tap the palette and swipe downwards to the bottom of the screen. Notice that while doing this, more shades and colors will also be unlocked.

Video chatting with a friend

Snapchat’s message screen has a yellow button which turns blue when you chat with a friend.

If, by luck or by arrangement, you and your Snapchat friend hit that button at the same time, you will unlock the video chat function, similar to Facetime.