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Samsung defends Galaxy S6 Edge over bend test controversy

You may have seen that at the end of last week, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was criticised and called as easily bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus, the star of Apple’s “bendgate” scandal last autumn.

This was due to a SquareTrade test which found that both the S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus failed at 110lbs worth of pressure – with the One M9 able to carry on to 120lbs before it was made unusable.

Well, Samsung has come out fighting, and has defended its expensive flagship handset on the Samsung Tomorrow blog with an official statement pointing out a couple of important points regarding these tests.

First off, Samsung noted that the normal force caused when a phone is sat on in a pocket is around 66lbf, not far off half of the 110lbf applied to the S6 Edge. According to Samsung’s own tests, the S6 or S6 Edge doesn’t bend under 79lbf, so therefore should not bend due to a pocket-strain situation.

Samsung also observed that: “Secondly, even though both front and back sides are exposed under the same level of pressure in normal circumstances, this test does not show the strength of the back side.”

The company noted that SquareTrade only tested the front, and this may be misleading for consumers when it comes to the overall picture of the durability of the S6 Edge.

Samsung says it has requested that SquareTrade run the stress test again but this time targeting both front and rear sides of the handset – we’d imagine they’ll oblige and we should see those results before long.