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Samsung considers action after 'paying for fans' claim

A recent report alleging that Samsung hired folks and paid them money to turn up to a Galaxy S6 press event over in China has been declared totally groundless by the smartphone vendor itself.

The allegations sprang from Want China Times, who as we reported earlier today, asserted that Samsung paid for the presence of almost half of the thousand or so people who turned up to the Galaxy S6 event.

Samsung said it has investigated this report and determined that “under no circumstances has anyone been hired or given money to attend the event”. The company said all 1,100 attendees had been formally invited to the Galaxy S6 shindig at Shanghai Culture Square.

In case you think this is just Samsung’s word against the media outlet, well, Want China Times is said to have agreed with Samsung’s findings in this case, and has retracted the story. Whether or not Samsung will pursue the issue and ask for a formal apology is something the company is still mulling over.

In a statement, Samsung said: “We are seriously considering whether to request the media outlet to take further action in the matter by issuing a correction. We will also continue our efforts to find out how this story came to be.”