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AnonGhost takes down Israeli sites on Holocaust remembrance day

A group of hackers have attacked a range of Israeli websites on Tuesday, following threats from a group known as AnonGhost, who claimed it would create an “electronic Holocaust” on Israel for its treatment of Palestine over the past two years.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been ongoing for several years. Last year Israel invaded the Gaza Strip, in order to stop the current leaders Hamas from bombing Israel. Both sides have been accused of war crimes over their attacks.

AnonGhost’s hacking campaign started on April 7 2013, Israel’s annual Holocaust remembrance day. The hacking collective have attacked sites on the same day for two years now, although the amount of damage done to government websites is low.

The Israeli Computer Emergency Response Team claimed a few dozen musician and non-profit organisation websites were attacked in the early hours of the morning.

The websites were changed to feature ISIS militants in Jerusalem, with a message: "We are always here to punish you! Because we are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent!"

Israel has stepped up security on the sites attacked. There is no word on whether AnonGhost managed to get any information from the websites, or plant any malware or Trojan bugs - the likelihood of that happening is small.

AnonGhost made a name for themselves after the Charlie Hebdo incident in France, when it attacked several prominent French websites and changed them to feature the ISIS flag.

Anonymous, the hacking collective responsible for taking down the Westboro Baptist Church and other radical organisations, announced it would counteract the attacks from AnonGhost and try to find their identities - so far the latter part has been unsuccessful.