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Introducing the alarm that wakes you up with a personal sunrise

An advanced alarm clock has been launched through Kickstarter which claims to be able to wake a person up without disturbing anyone else in the room.

The Wakē, created by Lucera Labs, is an alarm clock that is mounted on the wall above the bed and will rotate and aim itself at the person who its supposed to wake up.

Wakē will beam a warm, white LED light onto the targeted person to help in waking up the individual more naturally. Following this, it will also be directing the alarm’s sound at the sleeper using parametric speakers, a technology which helps to focus sound through a narrow audible beam that will not disturb the other person in bed.

The hardware is matched with an accompanying smartphone app, where users can set the time they need to wake up. A user can also notify who needs to be woken up by giving the directions on which side of the bed it should focus the alarm to.

The founders are targeting a $100,000 (£67,000) fund by the end of May. With more than a month away from its deadline, the project has already gained more than 200 backers and over $46,000 in funding.

Backers who sponsor at least $249, upon the successful completion of the target funding amount, will receive the first units of the advanced alarm clock.