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Lily Allen claims Tidal service will lead to surge in piracy

Jay-Z relaunched Tidal last month, bringing several celebrities into a room to sign a contract for exclusives on the music streaming service, but early impressions of the service are not positive.

Even musicians are going against the platform, with Knife Party’s Rob Swire claiming it is the same as Spotify for any artist not cut a percentage deal for exclusive content. UK singer Lily Allen claims Tidal could bring more harm to the industry than good, since it offers no free model and uses an exclusive approach to try and bring in customers.

"Hosting exclusive consent from the biggest stars on the planet on a paying platform: while I agree with its intention, I fear it will send people back to pirate/torrent sites," Allen said on Twitter. "I love Jay Z so much, but Tidal is so expensive compared to other perfectly good streaming services. He’s taken the biggest artists & made them exclusive to Tidal (am i right in thinking this?), people are going to swarm back to pirate sites in droves sending traffic to torrent sites.”

Allen also attacks the notion that Tidal is anything more than a streaming service, claiming anyone outside of the 16 artists that signed the contract get the same deal Spotify and other streaming services offer.

The main issue for Allen is artists not being paid fairly by the music industry. In further tweets on the subject, Allen claims that the best course of action for an artist is to get rid of the label and sell directly to streaming websites, since labels are not necessary in this day and age.

While some may disagree with the notion labels are not needed, it is clear that Allen sees them as the enemy, and not Spotify.

Even though Jay Z might be more inclined to offer better salaries to artists in the future, right now Tidal is just another streaming service with a more expensive option at $20 per month for high-quality music.