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Pharrell Williams caught showing off Apple Watch ahead of April launch

Several Apple employees have been spotted wearing the Apple Watch, but Pharrell Williams is among the first celebrities to be publicly endorsing the product before its launch on 24 April.

On The Voice US last week, Pharrell was spotted with the Apple Watch Edition - the £8,500 option - with a white sports strap. It is an odd duo, considering the sports strap is the cheapest available.

A few hours ago, Pharrell hopped on Instagram to shoot a short video of the Apple Watch. It looks like he prefers the Mickey Mouse clock that was shown off at Apple’s keynote event in March, alongside a range of other watch faces.

It is not clear if Pharrell is the only celebrity endorsing the watch. Apple does not make deals with celebrities often, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Bono, Dr. Dre or Dave Grohl were offered an Apple Watch in exchange for some airtime.

Apple has promoted its smartwatch in Vogue and other magazines over the past few months, clearly trying to attract fashion readers rather than techies. Meetings with some of the big-wigs in fashion including fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue editor Anna Wintour could also lead to more exposure of the watch.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch will start in three days across dozens of different countries. Apple will launch stores specifically for the sale of the Apple Watch in Tokyo, Paris and London.

Customers wanting the Apple Watch Edition may have to wait for a few weeks, since Apple is only stocking the high-end smartwatch in certain stores.