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Three network outage affects 1.5m Irish customers on Easter Monday

A large number of Irish Three customers suffered a network outage yesterday, after an electrical fault at the telecom firm’s data centre.

An estimated 1.5 million customers were left without service on Easter Monday, although Three are reporting that the issue has now been resolved.

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A spokesperson for the network told the Irish Independent that the problem was caused by a change in temperature at one of the company’s data centres.

"Some customers are currently experiencing intermittent 2G and 3G service issues,” Three explained. "This has occurred due to an electrical failure at one of our data centres which caused an increase in temperature in the building and then subsequently impacted some systems affecting customer service.”

Three has approximately two million customers in Ireland, making it the country’s second largest mobile network operator, and many users were quick to vent their frustration at the problem online. Customers were unable to make calls, send texts or use their mobile data, with some also experiencing problems accessing the Three website.

It appears as though former O2 customers were among the worst affected, with Three having purchased O2’s Irish division last year. Tesco Mobile users, which also operates on Three’s network, were also affected according to reports.

Although Three is having success in Ireland, the mobile operator and its customers will be hoping that the problem proves to be an isolated incident. The firm currently possesses a 32 per cent market share in the country, behind market leader Vodafone’s 39 per cent.

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Three will be hoping that its customers don’t see the outage as a reason to switch provider, particularly given that the firm suffered a similar issue last June.