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Uber wants last year's India rape lawsuit dismissed

A woman in India was allegedly raped by an Uber driver late last year, and has sued the company in the US for it.

But Uber Technologies asked the Californian court to dismiss the charges on two grounds: it wasn't its driver and the case falls outside of the jurisdiction of US courts.

In early December last year, a woman in Delhi, India, took an Uber ride home. The drive was 45 minutes long and, as the woman says, she fell asleep during the ride, only to wake up parked in a secluded area, with the driver on top of her.

The rape and assault lasted longer than 30 minutes, according to the lawsuit.

But even though Uber called the incident “an abhorrent crime” and promised to work with the Delhi police, it's now throwing the hot potato into the hands of its subsidiary, Uber B.V.

Uber B.V. is a Dutch-based subsidiary that operates the Uber service in India, and Uber Technologies, the parent company from the USA, says it has nothing to do with the case.

“This case has everything to do with India and the Netherlands, and nothing to do with the United States,” it said.

“Plaintiffs counsel has chosen to sue only Uber Technologies, which never had any relationship with Yadav, the alleged assailant,” it said. “Yadavs only contractual relationship with any Uber entity was with Uber B.V., a Dutch company not party to this suit.”

Uber B.V. is one of more than 100 distinct legal entities around the world that sit under the Uber brand, it said.

Uber’s lawyers have asked for a hearing in July to argue that the case be dismissed.

Sead Fadilpašić

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